Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lindsay is on her way. Hopefully she'll make it here w/out too much trouble. It's lightening like crazy here. Cassy and I are secretly hoping that we lose power and can go home early. I've been working a lot of long days to make up for leaving early last week and this week. When I get back, my schedule might change to 6-2:30. That is damn early. I have trouble enough making it here by 7.

I am SUPEREXCITED about the upcoming trip! Little sleep will be had, but I'm really pumped about hitting OH. I know we'll only be there for a day and I won't be able to see the majority of the people I want to, but it'll still be nice to see Tosh and have Marion's Pizza. Looking forward to Austin, too. It sounds like an awesome improv town.

Tonight is the first of four days for a mock trial situation (spread out over 4 months). I get to play Donna Decker, who hit Paul Perry and is being sued. Cross your fingers that my lawyer is cute!


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