Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Saturday

Today was one of the most awesome days in a very long while. I had three shows tonight and effing rocked their socks off. Granted, I didn't hit everything, but I hit enough to make it worth while. The Latchkey Kids show was one of the best we've ever done. I've been in a sucky improv place for a while because I've been in a sucky head-space for a while. But tonight I said screw it all and went balls out. Clif yelled at me for being a crappy improviser the past few week but then said I redeemed myself tonight. Rock.

Also, my voice is totally shot from singing, doing three shows, and yelling over the bar music.

Double Also: I confessed my love-slash-intimidation to Brandon tonight. He's in Local 132, one of the best teams at iO. We are lucky enough to have him on Maestro, If You Please. Tonight he did a Local show while we did our Maestro show. I talked to him for a bit afterwards and confessed my intimidation. He's seriously amazing and I feel very lucky to be on a team with him. Anyway, I'm a total improv dork and it all came out tonight.

Plus, Jenn of the Cool Kids came out to see 2 of my shows. We had a super fun time hanging out and goofing off tonight. I am so glad we're friends.

Double Plus: I saw a girl I went to college with tonight!!! I was telling Jenn my Jason Lockhart story when I noticed a girl across the bar who looked familiar. I went up to her and said, "Hey, your name isn't Erica, is it?"

It was!!! I will butcher her last name (which has apparently changed, according to the ring on her finger), so I'm not going to attempt it. But it was beyond awesome to see her again. Erica was one of those girls who I thought was way too cool to be friends with me. I have a Halloween picture of her as Trinity and she was kick ass. That girl rocks my world. I can't wait to see her and take her to fun places to eat.

What I'm trying to say here is: Today rocked my socks off.


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