Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jam-packed schedule!

I have 3 meetings at work in AZ on Friday starting at 8am. Since I'll be in town, I decided to get everything done I could possibly do. Leave LA at 4:30am tomorrow morning to make my 11:30 dentist appointment. Then a 1:30 hair cut. Hazel is great, and I love what she's done thus far. However, now that I'm growing it out...well...she cut my hair way cooler than I actually am. So I'm going to my old guy in AZ who first gave me bangs to try to fix the layering that makes me look like I have a rectangle head, as I'm not the best at styling. From there I head to my sister's for an early dinner at a new restaurant where her man works. Early to bed b/c I'll have to leave her place by 7. Then it's meetings til early afternoon. Topping it off is a visit with Olympia, the best waxer on the planet! I'm so excited to see her! Then I drive back to CA, which I'm sure will take about 7 hours since I'll be dealing with Friday traffic.

Friday night is an evening with the WSU Crew and Tosha at The Edison. Now I'm off to LAX to pick up my Special Lady!


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